One Step Setup

LXadm lets you create/edit/duplicate LX zones in a single step.

E.g. interfaces will be created automatically.

Joyent Image Repository

LXadm lets you easily browse, download and install LX zones from images provided by Joyent.

Downloaded images will be locally cached to speed up the creation of multiple LX zones. Downloaded images are verified by checksum.

JSON Config

LXadm lets you configure your LX zones with a simple and intuitive JSON structure. No fiddling with zfs, dladm, zonecfg, zoneadm.

Due to the JSON config it is also very simple to backup and restore your LX zone configuration.

Missing a Feature?

There is still room for additional features.

Get in touch.

Get Started Now!

LXadm is free software. Just download it and get started. Follow the instructions in the README.

LXadm is written in modern object oriented Perl. Development happens out in the open on GitHub.

Need Help?

If you find a problem with LXadm, please open an Issue on GitHub.

If you like to get in touch and ask questions, you should find some people in our Gitter Chat.

Anything to Contribute?

And if you have a contribution, please fork us on GitHub, create a branch and send a pull request.

Paid Support and Customization

If you need extra help or customization, please feel free to get in touch directly with use here at OETIKER+PARTNER.